Who I Am

In conventional terms I am an artist living outside of Toronto, Canada.  But I hate being categorized and being put in a box. 

After my divorce many years ago, I began journaling as a way of dealing with my grief and heartache.  To my surprise, poetry began appearing on the pages. I never intended this; it never ever occured to me to write poetry. 
But there it was, pages and pages of it.

So I would love to share some of this poetry to tell you who I really am, and what my passions are. Hope you enjoy it.


            I am walks in the park
          and along woodland streams

          the rhythm of the ocean

          the restlessness in wandering waves
          and the tranquility of the forest shade

          the glimmer of distant starlight
          the vastness of the night sky
          a fiery sunset

          and the coolness of a misty dawn
          in hushed anticipation

          my spirit soars
          over mountain, sea and sky

          the earth is my playground
          and my greatest joy

          I am nature
          I am life
          I am the beauty
          that creation is

          And the earth is my home


          I am happy songs
          I am sad songs

          poetic harmony in motion

          rock music and soft lullabyes
          marching bands 
          a plaintive love song

          simple folk ballads
          tribal drums and
          the richness of
          cascading symphonies

          I am all melodies old and new
          that play with every emotion

          I am the sounds of silence

          I am the sounds of life
          dancing in joyful perfusion

          celebrating the rhymic
          harmonies of life
          in ceaseless variation

          I am the poetry
          in sound
          I am song
          I am music


          I am driving beats
          and chanting rhytms

          spinning, swaying
          lost within the motion

          unbridled joy of movement
          that gives rise to
          a spiritual dimension

          I am the dance of a heartbeat
          to universal rhythms

          and the ceaseless flow of life
          in jubilant exultation

          I am joyful self expression
          I am music
          I am movement
          I am freedom
          I am dance


             I am endless curiosity and questions

          a seeker of all that there is to know

          life fascinates me
          knowledge is my constant companion

          I am a multi-coloured prism
          it's new possibilities

          always moving
          always changing

          a beacon of light in the darkness

          the hope for a new tomorrow

          I am an ageless quest
          I am curiosity
          child of wisdom


          I am a helpful hand
          when you have need of one

          I am a loyal and trusted friend
          I will make you laugh
          when all seems lost
          and turn on a light
          when darkness hides the way

          I will dance and play with you
          when you cross my path

          and gently nudge you
          in the direction you must go

          I am a teacher
          I am a facilitator
          I am a cheerleader

          my satisfaction comes
          from helping you  be
          the best that you can be

          and in this way

          I can become the best
          that I can be


             I am the light in children's eyes       
           and the laughter of children playing

           the exuberance and energy of youth
           the promise of their tomorrow

           the fragility etched in aged faces
           and a wondering
           of what lies beyond all tomorrows

           I am the pride and joy of parents
           toward their life's creation
           the love and meaning in their life
           and also their frustration

           I am love's first bloom
           and the richness of love matured

           warm friendships and happy faces  

           the rites of passage throughout life
           in heartfelt celebration

           I am moved and touched by people
           their vulnerability
           their joy and sorrow

           I am life's eternal ebb and flow
           in it's infinite variation

           I am people of all size colour and races

           a stand for their peaceful coexistence
           an end to man's inhumanity to man

           and the dawning of a new civilization

           I am peace
           I am life
           I am love

           I am people

The next poem was written before I decided to take up painting, and at the time, I didn't really understand what it meant. Only after I had been painting a while did I realize that it was talking about negative and positive spaces, as well as the elements of design.

I play with colour shape and form
I work in all dimensions

                 I am the shape of what is, and what is not,
                 and the harmony of interelated spaces

I shift and change and rearrange
in endless combination

                   all possibilities of the rainbow
                   while painting on a universal canvas

I am all things beautiful
and the joy that beauty brings

                    I am the shape of things to come
                    I am shape........I am form
                    I am harmony.....I am balance

                    I am colour.........I am design

                                  I am art

And finally poetry; I have been wanting to do something online for quite sometime, but been intimidated by the thought of having to write articles. Then one day I was looking at the many pages I have accumulated, and the lights went on. The solution to my dilemma was there along. 


            I am words that bring
          to your ears

          gentle rhythms
          that soothe
          and brush against
          things unspoken

          harmonies that stir up
          from another dimension

          I am the mysteries of  the universe
          and the celebration of life

          I am creative self expression

          I am words
          that touch and move you
          I am sound
          I am spirit

          I am poetry





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