27 September, 2010

Meditation On The Run

In today's busy life, who has time to sit down and meditate for half an hour or so two or three times a day?

Unfortunately too many people give up because of time issues.  And too many give up in frustration because they aren't getting it right.

So  here is a simple one minute meditation anyone can do.

                             meditation is so slow
                             too long, too long
                             not enough time
                             I am in such a hurry

                             so sit for one minute
                             two or three if you can,
                             but one minute is enough
                             to slow your breathing
                             and your mind

                              be aware of the breath and
                              breathe from your belly
                              deep and slow

                              focus on the breath
                              slow it down and
                              observe your body

                              that's it
                              no big deal
                              no big procedure

                              thoughts and emotions
                              will enter your mind
                              just watch them come and go
                              like clouds passing by

                              do not react to this mind chatter
                              be detached as best you can
                              and just observe

                              this detachment must be learned
                              and will take practice, of course

                              if insistent thoughts intrude
                              on your peace
                              just tell them you are busy
                              and return to the breath

                              deep, deep breaths
                              from the belly
                              inhale and hold
                              exhale and hold

                              do not judge or criticize yourself
                              do not focus on getting it right
                              this is your time to do
                              whatever you want

                               congratulate yourself
                               be kind to yourself
                               and whenever you can
                               throughout the day

                               stop for a moment or two

                               focus on the breath
                               slow it down
                               deep deep breaths
                               ignore the mind chatter
                               as best you can
                               and relax

                               once this is learned
                               the time can be increased
                               if you so choose

                               consider it a coffee break for the mind
                               a peaceful moment for your soul
                               a gift you give yourself
                               because you are so special

                               in time with more practice
                               more clarity in thinking
                               more emotional control
                               more peace and happiness
                               connection to Spirit
                               less stress and better health

have a stress free day